Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Art of Thrifty Dressing

Let’s focus on fashion forward addict out there. With this economy no one really have the money to spend on shopping like we used to, unless of course you’re one of them millionaires that have the money to waste. Of course you don’t, if you are like me! :D I however have learned to recycle my wardrobes and create or imitate what’s fashion " forward" now. In other word work with what you have at home already, or swap clothes with your friends. You can also find deals from the clearance racks, from your favorite stores to find exactly what you need or close to what you need. The point is to shop with thriftily, so your bank account doesn’t drown.

I LOVE CLOTHES! What fashion addict doesn’t love clothes right? :) Well, just make sure the clothes you love won't make you poor. I normally, buy pieces that I can later on mix and match with what I have in the closet. Before going on a (thrifty) shopping spree, go raid your closet to see what can be worn again and or restyled (that includes your accessories). Just either toss out or donate what’s impossible to be rescued from your precious closet. I normally go through magazines and websites of stores I often visits to get inspired. But guys just a reminder; being well-dressed has nothing to do with the price or label of your clothing, it's all about how you carry yourself.

Here are a few pictures of some outfits I put together that are new and old, just to give you some examples of my fashion! Feel free to contact me if you need consultation.


  1. love the outfits!!! you look like a model :)

  2. aww thanks i'm glad u likie! If only I am so much taller ! hahaha

  3. leave my short china woman alone!