Wednesday, September 2, 2009

dress up your old unwanted clothes!

Hi Guys! Sorry I have really been slacking off on my blogs these days. However, no worries I’m back now and have more exciting things to share with you on what I have been doing lately. As I mention before, that I love to recycle clothes and transform them into something else more hip and updated to wear. It doesn’t take much, just something that is either oversized or something that the men of your life do not wear anymore.

I have found two shirts from my husband closet that he does not have any intention to wear them anymore, and decided that I will put it to good use and donated to myself. Here’s what it looks like before:

The first one I’m going to cut up is the button up shirt. What I did was I cut out the two arms and a “V” neck line down to the 3rd button. Next, I will pinch in the waist line and sew them into form on both side, then hem all around the cut area to clean up the loose fabrics. After that is done, tie two ribbon color of your choice to cinch in the shoulder band on both shoulder to give it character. You can wear it with a tank top underneath with a belt over it. Wear it as a dress or a tunic over skinny jeans or tights.

As for the T-shirt, I will also cut up out the arms measure them to you’re the end of your shoulder down to the under arms. Then I cut the neck line a long “V” shape in the front and a smaller and wider “V” shape on the back to give it style and differentiation. I also cut the shoulders apart to tie knots on both side. Next, I cut a slit on the both side of the shirt and tie a knot there as well. Then what I need to do is hem in all the loose freshly cut end of the fabrics to clean it up. I will also stitch the side to fit my waist line to give it form.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wish upon a shooting star!

Hi Guys I’m finally back, I coincidentally saw a shooting star over the weekend while relaxing in my friend’s pool. This is the first time in my life to have seen a shooting. It was the most amazing thing I have experience in a while. Knowing these shooting stars are only meteoroids passing by, I went ahead to make a wish anyway. Of course I know it is only a superstition. Regardless whether it is true or not, it does give a flicker of hope. It is just a beautiful thing to see and experience at least once in your life. Though how wonderful it would be to have your wish fulfilled upon a star? I’m going to hold my breath on that wish.

“Star Light Star bright,
The first star I see tonight,
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have the wish I wish tonight.”

Friday, July 24, 2009


I will start with mine! My dear mother had made this wonderful Aloe Vera drink, that I am thrilled to share with you. I think it’s the best thing ever because it is so easy to make, and you can also use the Aloe Vera peel to create a soothing mask for your face while you enjoy this tasty and refreshing blend. It’s just a treat to be able to utilize Aloe Vera to the fullest; you can eat aloe and use the underside of the aloe.

The reason why I think this drink is amazing is because Aloe Vera naturally contains Vitamin B12; it has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. It nourishes your skin; it is beneficial for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It is both conditioning and healing properties.

( You can also find some fact about Aloe Vera at this link )

What you will need to make this drink:
• 1-2 leaves of Aloe Vera plant
• A blender
• 100% pure honey
• Half a cup of water
• A cup of ice

First you need to peel the Aloe Vera leaves (save the peels for later use). After peeling, cut them into pieces then put them in the blender. Pour about 2tbs of honey into the blender, half a cup of water, and a cup of ice into the blender. Blend them in all together until all the ingredients are nicely blended together. Pour out into your cups, and to dress it up a bit you can cut a slice of lime or orange to put into your cup.

As for the Aloe Vera peels, use the slimy side of the peel to rub them onto your face. In a circular motion, massage your face with the Aloe Vera extract. Lounge down into your favorite place and relax with a cup of the Aloe Vera drink to enjoy!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Art of Thrifty Dressing

Let’s focus on fashion forward addict out there. With this economy no one really have the money to spend on shopping like we used to, unless of course you’re one of them millionaires that have the money to waste. Of course you don’t, if you are like me! :D I however have learned to recycle my wardrobes and create or imitate what’s fashion " forward" now. In other word work with what you have at home already, or swap clothes with your friends. You can also find deals from the clearance racks, from your favorite stores to find exactly what you need or close to what you need. The point is to shop with thriftily, so your bank account doesn’t drown.

I LOVE CLOTHES! What fashion addict doesn’t love clothes right? :) Well, just make sure the clothes you love won't make you poor. I normally, buy pieces that I can later on mix and match with what I have in the closet. Before going on a (thrifty) shopping spree, go raid your closet to see what can be worn again and or restyled (that includes your accessories). Just either toss out or donate what’s impossible to be rescued from your precious closet. I normally go through magazines and websites of stores I often visits to get inspired. But guys just a reminder; being well-dressed has nothing to do with the price or label of your clothing, it's all about how you carry yourself.

Here are a few pictures of some outfits I put together that are new and old, just to give you some examples of my fashion! Feel free to contact me if you need consultation.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Feng Shui your bedroom!!!

Hi everyone! I’m excited to share tips on how to Feng Shui your bedroom with style. I hope this is exciting enough subject for the day. I’m going to share with you on how to have a Harmonious and Zen bedroom for couples, and attract a suitable companion for singles. This is based on what I have learned in the past through online research, books, and mentor.

To start off, clean your room so it is clutter free, this creates clear minds and relaxation. Do re-arranging your bedroom furniture’s to create a good energy flow. Avoid having the bed in a direct line with the door. Avoid sad, depressing, lonely or violent images, as every item in your bedroom influences your personal energy and the quality of your relationships with others. Avoid putting TV, computer, or exercise equipment in your bedroom; these will bring stress in your personal life. Also, it is best to keep the entire bedroom doors closed at night, be it the closet doors, the en-suite bathroom door or the bedroom door. This will nourish the flow to enhance your health and relationship.

Singles- If you want to attract another into your life, there needs to be room for them to be in it. Always décor you’re your bedroom in pairs to attract the coupling energy. Keep things neutral don’t over feminize or masculine the place too much. Look at your closets, shelves, and dressers, especially in the bedroom; if they are all filled to capacity with your own stuff, make clearing some room for your current or future partner a priority. Aim to free up 25% of the space in your bedroom for someone else's things. When you are done, take a moment to visualize your loved one's belongings finding a home there. To clarify your intention, make a collage of images that symbolize your perfect relationship, and place it where you will see it every day. If you are already in a relationship, invite your partner to make a collage with you, to represent your intention to build a joyful and loving future together.

Couples- Decorate the love and romance area with pink, yellow or brown. These colors will attract and improve love and relations. Hang pictures of couples in love to attract luck in love over your bed. Your bedroom represents your romantic life. Therefore, the last images you want to see here are photos of dear old Mom and Dad. Children's artwork and toys will also undermine your sex life. Keep these relationships in other areas of your household, but keep your boudoir a private retreat. Make sure your bedroom says "romance" in some way. When your environment becomes more welcoming to romance, your own energy will shift as a result.

(You can also find some of these information on these websites! )

I hope you guys enjoy today’s blog and find it useful. Good luck to you all and Décor away!!!

Here are a few pictures of my own Feng Shui room.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Noobie Me!

Hi Guys I'm a noobie to blogging so please be gentle. First off how's everyone doing these days? I guess I’m somewhat surviving the economy thanks to my loving husband whom endlessly supports me and all of my silly ideas. I never thought of blogging before, I always have so much to say to people. However when thinking of blogging I suddenly blank out because I don't know what to blog about. It’s like a million of subject just boggling in my head trying to get out at the same time. Then when it comes out it’s like bits of pieces of everything that really doesn’t make any sense. LOL See? I don’t even know if this makes any sense. Until next time, I promise to find something more creative and exhilarating subject to blog about.