Wednesday, September 2, 2009

dress up your old unwanted clothes!

Hi Guys! Sorry I have really been slacking off on my blogs these days. However, no worries I’m back now and have more exciting things to share with you on what I have been doing lately. As I mention before, that I love to recycle clothes and transform them into something else more hip and updated to wear. It doesn’t take much, just something that is either oversized or something that the men of your life do not wear anymore.

I have found two shirts from my husband closet that he does not have any intention to wear them anymore, and decided that I will put it to good use and donated to myself. Here’s what it looks like before:

The first one I’m going to cut up is the button up shirt. What I did was I cut out the two arms and a “V” neck line down to the 3rd button. Next, I will pinch in the waist line and sew them into form on both side, then hem all around the cut area to clean up the loose fabrics. After that is done, tie two ribbon color of your choice to cinch in the shoulder band on both shoulder to give it character. You can wear it with a tank top underneath with a belt over it. Wear it as a dress or a tunic over skinny jeans or tights.

As for the T-shirt, I will also cut up out the arms measure them to you’re the end of your shoulder down to the under arms. Then I cut the neck line a long “V” shape in the front and a smaller and wider “V” shape on the back to give it style and differentiation. I also cut the shoulders apart to tie knots on both side. Next, I cut a slit on the both side of the shirt and tie a knot there as well. Then what I need to do is hem in all the loose freshly cut end of the fabrics to clean it up. I will also stitch the side to fit my waist line to give it form.


  1. how cute! i like the dress shirt one teehee

    your so talented, can i send u some shirts to cut up for me :D

  2. wow...I like what u did with that button down shirt...

  3. Thanks guys I'm glad you guys like the stuff, there's more to come :)

  4. oh wow that looks very good! That's why I nominate you for the Kreativ award. =P Please visit my post for it

  5. Thanks Purple Strawberry!! LOL I feel so honored I'm definitely visiting your site!

  6. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo my shirts!!!
    Looks good too bad I can't wear it!